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Urban Gourmet is one of Auckland’s leading catering companies, providing inspirational solutions for small, intimate dining experiences through to more grand affairs. Whatever the scale of the event, Urban's philosophy is to ensure that every attention has been paid to the individual experience of the guest. This vision is continually realised due to their total dedication to taste, creativity and daring food experiences.
The only weak point for Urban Gourmet though was that this art and passion was never fully reflected in their visual identity or communications, so Curious was brought to the table to address that.

Our first priority was to create an inspirational and memorable piece of branding. The client advised us that their name was often shortened to Urban, so we immediately recognised an opportunity to visually increase the prominence of that key word and reduce Gourmet to more of a supporting statement. Having settled on this architecture, we then explored various ways to make the Urban word a true representation of the company’s creativity. This was ultimately achieved by creating a contemporary, hand rendered piece of typography that exudes vibrancy, passion and artistry. An understated black and white colour palette was then introduced to allow the branding to be easily translated across all forms of media.

The next challenge was to create a suite of imagery that not only fully integrated with the aesthetics of the branding, but that also brought to life the quality of the food that Urban Gourmet are renowned for. This was realised by continuing with the signature black base colour and counterbalancing it with the rich, vibrant colours of the ingredients.
Finally, these components were delicately fused to function seamlessly across stationery, vehicle livery, staff clothing and all communications.


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