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Curious was commissioned by Brink’s to revitalise their Free Range chicken packaging portfolio of products. The challenge was to create an engaging and inspiring visual story that reflected Brink’s commitment to bringing an honest, ethical and transparent approach to their business.

Being such an emotive subject, our client felt that it was essential that we meet one of the actual farmers and experience the healthy outdoor environment that the chickens are reared in. So before any form of design strategy took place, we visited a dedicated farm in the Waikato region. This allowed us to see for ourselves the care and attention that is invested in the process-and ultimately it contributed in helping us create a totally authentic design.
The free roaming birds, lush green landscape and back to basics attitude all became key components to the new packaging. In fact the hero imagery was shot on the actual  Waikato farm to further underline the authenticity of the project. With such an evocative visual, we then decided that the supporting graphics and typography on the packaging needed to be very clean, simple and contemporary to reflect the honesty that Brink’s prides itself on.

Obviously the new packaging has really made an impression with the consumers, as the sales of Brink’s Free Range chicken has doubled since being launched.

“The team at Curious helped us to reinvigorate our free range chicken packaging. Their packaging knowledge and connection to our consumers was second to none. They really delved into our business to understand how the complex world of poultry works. Curious helped us from start to finish, worked within our budget and listened to our needs. The great thing about Curious is if they felt it wasn’t going to work they wouldn’t be afraid to tell and to push us.  They worked extremely well with some of our suppliers (some saying it was the best proofs they had ever received). The end result is something that the whole team at Brink’s is very proud of and we know the new packaging has worked!” - Courtney Pomare, Brink's

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