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Established in 1992 as VimpelCom, VEON is the world’s seventh largest telecommunications company (by subscriber base) that pioneered basic wireless communications in Russia. Today it offers its services through six different consumer brands in different territories: Beeline in Russia, Kyivstar in Ukraine, Wind in Italy and Greece, Djezzy in Algeria, Mobilink in Pakistan, and Banglalink in Bangladesh. Renamed by Landor, VEON recently introduced a new identity designed by Moving Brands.

From Venice to Vladivostok, VimpelCom is the world’s 7th biggest telco, with brands that reach 10% of the global population. The business serves 235 million customers across 12 countries as diverse as Russia, Italy, Ukraine and Pakistan.The business is realigning itself around a new vision, a vision worthy of its immense scale; to bring new digital experiences to hundreds of millions of people in emerging markets, connecting them in a financially viable, easy and personal way.To meet this ambi
ObjectiveWe were introduced to VEON’s senior leadership in July 2016. We were asked to ready them for the new product’s entry into its first market in October – with three months to launch, fundamentals such as the name and brand were not yet fixed.We embraced the challenge; building on the research and naming work delivered by Landor, we rapidly created and brought to life a slew of options for the product identity, shaping what the product could be and how it might be experienced.Working
ApproachAt the centre of the digital-first identity system we created was the yellow V, sitting much larger than the wordmark, giving the brand instant colour recognition. For a new business that needed to meet and connect with an audience of millions across 12 different markets, this confident symbol would work across cultures and alphabets. Similarly, the VEON typeface – Hero – was chosen not only for clarity and standout, but also for its versatility. It remains unmistakably VEON in Latin, C

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